• Apr 4 2013

    The project's been going a bit slower than I had hoped, but I've managed to build the LED Drum Pad (grabbed the kit from SparkFun for $20), and I've tested out most of the individual parts with the Arduino Mega. So far, I'm tallying in at 8 membrane potentiometers, 7 switches, 8 rotary potentiometers (not all pictured below), and 7 slide potentiometers. However, I still have some design decisions to make. Right now I can't decide whether I want to include jog wheels, or find a different, less space-hogging alternative for track navigation. So we'll see what happens there...

    In the meantime, I'll be checking out production and DIY controllers for further inspiration. More updates in the next few weeks!

    Testing some Stuff

    Its all (slowly) coming together

  • Apr 3 2013

    I don’t usually get too excited about apps in general, but Timbre caught my eye immediately. Living in Boston, which isn’t the most popular place for artists to visit, I would frequently find myself missing performers that would play at some of the city’s smaller venues. But with Timbre, I can just scroll through a chronological list of bands who are coming to town, and buy tickets straight from my phone – no more sifting through dozens of poorly-designed event websites.


  • Feb 27 2013

    Got a new project in the works! Just got some parts from Sparkfun and I've been testing them out individually with Traktor and Ableton. A lot of cool touch-sensitive stuff out there to play with -- I'll keep you posted...

    Testing some Stuff

    Arduino Mega, Membrane Potentiometer, FSR, Silicon Buttons

  • Jan 13 2013

    My favorite guy Gigamesh just released a re-work of his song Don't Stop, part of his All My Life EP released last year. Gigamesh is master of funky disco remixes, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Plus, like many of his songs, it's free to download:


  • Jan 10 2013

    Boston now has its first-ever dance music station, with an impressive lineup of DJs from here in America and across the pond (check it out here). Replacing a short-lived adult hits station, which god knows we already have too many of, Evolution 101.7 brings Dance music to the airwaves for the first time on the East Coast.


  • Dec 4 2012

    Shadow Dancer is another member of the Boys Noize Records crew that's caught my eye recently. Check out a few of my favorite tracks:


  • Nov 21 2012

    About a year ago I bought a Numark MIDI turntable to play around with. It was a good starter piece (cheap, easy-to-use), but it was missing quick-response hotcue buttons for jumping around tracks. After looking at the DJ TechTools website, I spotted their MIDI fighter classic, with a 4x4 grid of Sanwa arcade buttons that looked like exactly what I wanted. But the price tag, $120, was almost as much as I had paid for the Numark controller. As much as I love DJ TechTools, I decided that I could save some money and get some hardware/software experience under my belt at the same time. After all, I am a Computer Engineer... this should be easy.


  • Oct 15 2012

    Hidden Treasure

    If you've looked carefully at the tracklisting for Boys Noize's Out of the Black, you might have noticed that one of the bonus tracks is missing. The track is called Yellow and features Siriusmo (the same guy who co-produced Conchord) and it's very good. I'm a big fan of Siriusmo, so it's cool to hear the two clearly different artist's styles working together so well. I can't believe they didn't put this in the US version!

    ---> Download here <---

  • Oct 11 2012

    Boys Noize is so damn good at what he does, and Out of the Black proves it once again. Because the parts vary so much, it’s difficult to describe the album as a whole (except for awesome), so here’s a recap of my favorite tunes:


  • Oct 10 2012

    Though it seems like new DJ equipment comes out almost every week, most of the controllers you see fit into the same mold: they all have knobs, faders, buttons, and maybe a jog wheel or two. It’s been a while since someone has created a completely original device for music creation... until this:


  • Sept 30 2012

    The trend of artists having their own traveling light show is something that is becoming a very important part of many EDM concerts in the US. Of course, you can always expect the biggest and best lights at large festivals, like Ultra or Electric Daisy Carnival, but now that four-story LED/laser wall has been shrunk down to fit in an indoor venue. And the results are amazing.

    A few days ago I started up my new twitter account for the website (@BuildTheBeat) and got into a mini twitter conversation with one of my favorite artists, Wolfgang Gartner, aka Joey Youngman. Besides the immense amount of flattery I got from the fact that he actually responded to me, I got some information out of him as well.


  • Sept 24 2012


    Great new stuff from Gigamesh, one of the best french house music producers out there